Jesus and the drunken miracles

There was once a barman who was very devout and loved Jesus. He decided to hang a crucifix in his bar, hoping to bless his customers and his business. One night, a group of drunkards came into his bar and started to cause trouble. They cursed, fought, and spilled their drinks all over the place. […]


What did Jesus think of the rich?

Jesus’ opinion of rich people is a topic of much debate among scholars and theologians. In the Bible, Jesus is recorded as having spoken about wealth and poverty on several occasions. His teachings on these subjects have been interpreted in various ways, but many believe that Jesus held a critical view of the wealthy and […]


What are some of the most obvious inconsistencies in the Christian bible?

The Bible is a collection of texts that is considered sacred by Christians and is used as a source of religious authority and guidance. However, there are some apparent inconsistencies in the Bible that have been noted by scholars and theologians over the centuries. These inconsistencies can be found in both the Old and New […]